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next.motion. A digital agency based in Germany that focuses on developing high-quality websites.

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ManyValuable Skills

My Role

Over the course of my three-year apprenticeship to become a software engineer, I acquired extensive knowledge in web development, with a particular focus on frontend development using Next.js.


Typically, I'd be tasked with implementing the frontend of a website based on designs provided by our design team. During the implementation, I worked closely with TYPO3 integrators to ensure a seamless integration into the CMS.
Each component had to be accessible, responsive and modular for site administrators to use them inside of TYPO3's site builder. Modularity was ensured by creating an API schema for each component. These schemas were typically documented inside of a Storybook component library built specifically for each project.

Already existing projects frequently required new features and bug fixes. It was my task to implement these features and fix bugs in a way that was consistent with the existing codebase. (This was particularly challenging when working on projects that were almost as old as I was.)

I also created and maintained multiple internal projects, such as our base React component library, boilerplate and various QoL tools.

Final Apprenticeship Project

As part of my final apprenticeship project, I designed and built a React component library with reusable accessibility components. This library reduced the amount of time spent on accessibility issues and helped to ensure that all websites built by my company had a base level of accessibility.